2023 Patio season to begin May 1, 2023


Council waives fees for 2023

To support local businesses and add vibrancy to Oakville’s commercial districts, the Town of Oakville has approved a 2023 temporary patio program permitting patios, bistros and merchandising on public and private lands from May 1 to November 1, 2023. As part of the program, Council has waived fees for the 2023 season. Interested businesses will be required to obtain a permit in order to set up patio dining or sell merchandise on sidewalks, on-street parking spaces, and on private lands within parking spaces, walkways and landscaped areas.

“Council is pleased to support local businesses by waiving patio permit fees for 2023 and by approving the 2023 Commercial Patio Initiative. We are excited to bring back the popular patio program that makes our streets and shopping areas more vibrant with many outdoor dining opportunities. With an added safety focus this year, we know our community will make the most of the season and continue to support local eating and drinking establishments and enjoy our town.”

– Mayor Rob Burton

Information on how to apply for a patio permit, the online forms and other details are available on the Patio Applications page. The town will start accepting completed application forms on March 15, 2023. For support or guidance with forms, email patios@oakville.ca.

New in 2023, safety barriers are required for all patios located within on-street parking spaces, in accordance with the Ontario Traffic Council’s recommendations. As this is a new measure, the town will supply and install safety barriers for approved patios during the 2023 season.

While the patio program to date has been a pilot initiative to assist businesses and promote a thriving patio community, staff are currently working to develop a permanent seasonal patio program for launch in 2024. Stakeholder consultation is expected to begin in mid-2023 with a final report to be brought to Council this fall. 

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