Oakville approves by-laws to strengthen rental housing supply and tenant protection

As Oakville continues to welcome more residents and facilitate an attractive housing market, Town Council approved a Rental Housing Protection By-law and Demolition Control By-law at the July 10, 2023 Planning and Development Council meeting.

Together, the by-laws help preserve the existing supply of rental housing stock while strengthening tenant protection.

“Our focus continues to be on developing complete and inclusive communities with easy access to a variety of housing, transit, community infrastructure, including protection for tenants and our rental housing supply. By introducing this bylaw for rental building conversions, we aim to sustain the supply of rental housing while also protecting tenants.”

Mayor Rob Burton

Where a proposal to demolish or convert a building containing six or more rental residential housing units is received, the developer will now require a Section 99.1 Permit from the town. To secure the permit, the developer will have to fulfill a number of conditions related to the protection of the existing rental housing supply for periods of time and the protection of existing tenants affected. More details are available in the online report

The town recognizes its role within the housing system as an approval authority with the ability to enable housing development and housing supply, but not to build housing units directly.

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